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Nov. 19, 2010
I'm slow, I know. Added Dreamwidth to the interwiki list. --Aithine

Welcome to The Directorium, a structured, searchable and easily updatable directory of fannish sites. The beauty of a wiki site is that it lets everyone edit all of the listings, eliminating the dead links that seem to plague every directory site.

Browse by fandom, category, genre, actor, network, artist, medium or the decade the show aired. Find other fans in your area. Or look up a term you don't know in the glossary.

Don't know where to start? Ask a question. Discuss ideas for making the site even more useful. Or visit the announcement and discussion journal.

Add your site. Or add a new fandom page. (Check out the wanted pages list to see which are currently needed.)

Keep apprised of updates via the RSS feed from the updates page or Livejournal syndication.

Learn how to format your page and then practice your new skills in the sandbox.

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