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My Info

Journals and blogs

My main LiveJournal
Updated on a daily basis.

My JournalFen
Updated infrequently, used mostly for JF commenting.

My InsaneJournal
Backup journal. Mainly namesquatting here.

My GreatestJournal
Look here first if there's an LJ problem. Or not, since GJ is erratic at best these days.

My Vox blog
Namesquatting ;)

Social Bookmarking

My bookmarks

My Google Reader Shared Items
Stuff I think others might be interested in.


My Flickr account
Photos I take.

My Dailymotion account
Video clips. Mostly fandom-related. A couple of my dogs.

Contact Info

You can probably figure out my gmail address!
You can always comment in one of my journals.

Only given out to friends. If you want it, you have to send me your username on AIM, YIM, MSN, or ICQ - I have to approve you first.

Category Users

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